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Adoption FAQs

How do I see Sheets cats for adoption?

See them on our Petfinder page! And check our Facebook  page often. We often post photos of adoptable cats on Facebook before we post them on Petfinder, so adopters get a "sneak peek."  

Does Sheets Cat Adoptions hold adoption fairs?

Normally, yes, the second and fourth Saturday of every month from 1-4pm.  During COVID, we host meet and greets by appointment on Saturdays with an approved application.

How do I apply for a Sheets cat? 

You can apply onlineor you may write for an application to be emailed to you.
What is the adoption process?
The adopter submits an application. That application is reviewed by Dr. Sheets and the adoption coordinator. When the application is approved, the adoption coordinator contacts the adopter to set up a “meet-and-greet” at the clinic. Please carefully read the Preconditions for Adoption on the application. Meeting those preconditions and providing accurate information before submitting your application makes the process go much more smoothly. 

What are the adoption fees and what do those fees include?  

$100 for cats 6 months and older. $150 for two 6+ month-old cats adopted at the same time.  $125 for kittens.  $200 for kittens adopted at the same time.

The fee includes:
  • Testing for Feline Leukemia (FeLV) and/or Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV) as age-appropriate
  • Up-to-date and age-appropriate feline distemper and rabies vaccinations
  • FeLV vaccinations for kittens
  • Spay or neuter
  • Microchip insertion and registration
  • Flea treatment and deworming 

What is the Sheets Adoption Incentive? 

Adopt a Sheets Pet Clinic cat or kitten and receive half-price vaccines and discounted wellness exams for the life of your pet, if you bring that cat or kitten in for yearly wellness exams.

Will I be able to apply for a cat and take the cat home on the same day?

No, but after approval, the process into the home begins fairly quickly. We don’t do “same-day adoptions” because Dr. Sheets requires that the adoption coordinator do a “vet check” and “rental check.” And the adopted cats needs an exit exam by a vet before leaving the clinic.

What if I adopt a cat and it turns out not to be a good fit for my current pets or household?

Adopting from Sheets Cat Adoptions is no risk. You may return the cat/kitten at any time. The adoption fee is refundable for two weeks to make sure you've found a match. Even after two-week period, we'll take the adopted cat back for any reason, but can’t refund the adoption fee. 

Is Sheets Cat Adoptions a nonprofit?

Sheets Cat Adoptions isn’t a nonprofit. At this time, the clinic funds the program out-of-pocket, and every staff member is part of the rescue team in some way.

Where do you get your cats from?

From long-time rescuers in the field who do TNR (trap-neuter-return). They pull cats/kittens that are social enough, or have the potential to become social enough, for adoption. Almost all Sheets cats started life on the streets. Quite a few come in with life-threatening injuries or illnesses. We tend to take on cats/kittens in desperate situations.  

What happens to the cats you can’t find homes for? 

They stay in the program until we find the right home.

May I sponsor an adoptable cat?

Yes! Just write  for details.

Can I volunteer for a Sheets Cat Adoptions?

Yes! We are a small adoption program inside a busy veterinary clinic, but there are opportunities for volunteering at adoption fairs and as foster homes. Children and young adults under age 21 must be accompanied by an adult when volunteering.