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For affordable but quality veterinary care, this is THE BEST place to take your pet to. The low cost does not mean less than ideal care. I would highly recommend this place to every pet owner. - Jacqui Hawkins

Super at TNR, and offering low spay/neuter costs, in an effort to help to reduce the over-population epidemic. HUGE kudos for adopting out!! - Cheryl Knox

Sheets is always busy because they provide such great care. You can feel how much they care about your pets and you. They helped me get through the death of my beloved cat, Joe, and even shed tears with me. Now they are treating my sweet Patty for hyperthyroidism, and she is feeling so much better now. I feel like I'm visiting friends whenever I bring in my cats. - Merrie Ann Lail Boltin

Excellent People. Friendly and caring staff! They treated my dog Dutch like a KING. - Ken Maestro Norman

Amazing place. They take care of my cats and give them so much great care. I recommend this place to anyone that loves their pets.  - Alejandro Islas

The most knowledgeable, kind & compassionate group of professionals we have ever had care for our pets!  - Marie Caroline Moroney

Thank you for all the help with the feral cat colonies. That in itself is a wonderful gift to our community. - Betty Ducker 

Dr. Sheets & her great staff are fantastic in every way...professional, competent, friendly & caring towards the pets & their owners.  And, to make the experience even better, their fees are very reasonable, too.  They are so committed to animals in our community that they provide services to numerous rescue organizations at fees that won't break the bank.  These folks are really the sort of people you want to care for your pets. - Thomas Antoon

I don't believe you can find a more caring, skilled vet practice anywhere. I appreciate the kindness, the gentleness, the fairness of this practice. It is obvious that Dr. Sheets and her staff truly care about animals. From the stray brought in by a rescue group to someone's $$$$$$ designer dog - they get the same level of excellent care. I trust them with my critters. And I don't give my trust to just anyone! - Tequita Scott Williamson

Finding an affordable and local rabbit vet is nearly impossible. Not only was Sheets convenient, but CHEAP ($60 total, as opposed to the usual $300 estimates from exotic pet vets) and without lacking any of the quality. My rabbit is my baby, and I was skeptical, but when I got there they treated him as if he was family. They knew exactly what to do, and were very considerate of his specific needs. The staff was enthusiastic and treated each animal with the utmost respect. My rabbit’s recovery was fast, and he began to eat immediately after we got him home - it was as if nothing had happened! Very pleased and will definitely be coming back in the future. - Paula Fratazzi

Have been bringing my rescues, fosters and referring you to friends for years!!! You guys always do an awesome job with my fur babies!!! Cannot thank you enough for the knowledge and peace of mind you give me. -Kristina Rasmussen Young

We take our dogs, Lily and Savannah, and our cat, Danielle (whom we adopted at the Sheets Clinic), to Dr. Sheets because she truly cares about their well-being. There's no pressure to buy the latest product, and we always feel like Dr. Sheets talks honestly to us and tells us what she would do if they were her pets. The level of care and commitment we receive is excellent, time and again. - Anne Huddleston Tubaugh

Thank you very much for taking such good care of Max (lab/husky mix) while he was there for his neuter! I appreciate the kindness shown to me also! It makes a big difference to walk into a place where there is good customer service and knowlegable people! - Mary Della Hyde Howard

Awesome folks you are!!!!! Thank you for the wonderful care you have given my animals!!!!! Thank you for going the extra mile to help rescued animals!!! You Rock! All of you from the Doctors to the staff.....great job! Hugs from all my orphans - Charme Blanchard

Sherlock was brilliantly socialized and obviously well cared for at Sheets. The adoption process went smoothly thanks to Jennifer who obviously loves what she does and loves the animals. It makes such a difference when the animals have been so loved and cared for. Thank you Sheets! - Donna Watson

I have to give you all a great big thank you, and my foster puppy Ace sends lots of puppy kisses. We've been to Sheets for all of his puppy appointments, and he just had "the" surgery last Friday. By Saturday morning, he was right back to his normal self (all puppy!) and thanks to the fabulous team that put his stitches in, we've not had any problems. (Fabulous work!) He thinks he's pretty cool with his new "tat", too! - Victoria Stevenson

So glad I had others turn me on to this clinic. The staff here is excellent! They took great care of my shy, frightened dog when I took him in to be neutered. Very understanding, friendly and informative. - Nikki Craven 

Extremely thankful I took my cat to Sheets. He is only 4 months old and had to have a very big surgery. Every employee I interacted with was caring and very pleasant. I am thankful the doctor was able to save Sammy. The vet tech Christina has a very big heart as well, not only towards animals but also to the customers! - Lacie Lee

I took my cat there to get spayed they provided excellent service. Her surgery went great! They are a low cost vet but provide the best service. - Kelly Wietry

My Pup Patchino who's almost 7mths old just got neutered last week by "Sheets" and they did an "Amazing" job on him! He's back to normal and basically was with a couple of days, the incision is barely noticeable too! Loved the staff, very friendly too! Worth the 1.5 hr drive! - Kim Galluzzo

A wonderful, loving and caring Vet clinic for your pet!!! My babies Coffee Bean and Simba are happy, loving, and healthy cats thanks to Sheets!!! You guys are great!!! - Anita Coker

Thanks to Dr. Kim and her family for helping us with Jasper's passing last night. Reid was so over whelmed with the support and kindness that you showed. While we were devastated to lose our little boy at 4, we have never had a veterinarian to show more compassion than you did. Thanks for all that you have done. We also are sending a great big thanks for taking such great care of the Bichon babies when we had them spayed and neutered. They have developed new personalities now that they are not raging with hormones. Many Many Thanks. I will keep recommending you to my family and friends. - Catrina Glass Hennessy

Thank you for taking such good care of our fur-baby, Hope Ozment. We knew something wasn't right last weekend so we brought her in for a check-up. Sure enough, she had pancreatitis and is diabetic. We brought her in every morning for 4 days for IV fluids, antibiotics and figuring the correct insulin dosage. The Vets and Staff are outstanding! You took such good care of her and didn't take us to the cleaners on the bill. We truly appreciate what you're doing. - Janine Ozment

Thank you Sheets for giving our family the time to say goodbye to our beloved Mylo on Monday. We are still heartbroken but the tech with the doctor loved on our sweet boy as if he was one of hers. Fifteen years of sweet memories with Mylo will forever be etched in our heart but the dignity you provided for our family and fur baby will forever be grateful for helping us do the hardest task we was ever faced with. Thank you. - Marian Hilliard

Dr. Kim Sheets is an excellent vet, as well as an avid lover of all animals. She takes many cats into her facility to adopt them out. I have dealt with numerous vets over the years and over several states, and she and her fellow vets are the very best ones I have "ever" seen! You will not be disappointed with the quality of care and love your pet will get from this wonderful clinic!!! - Lucia Sullivan

Dr. Sheets is one of the most skilled veterinary surgeons I know. She can spay a cat with such a tiny incision, you have to see it to believe. The welfare of the pet comes first with her, and I admire that she provides low cost spay/neuter services. - A Google User

I cannot say enough good things about Sheets. The staff is amazing. Friendly and extremely qualified. They truly care and it shows. Thank you so much for all you have done!! - Kate Kaczmarek

Amazing prices and even better service. Thanks! - Chris Goodrich

The amazing docs at sheets help save my sweet lab Brody when he was extremely ill with a tick-born disease. They are knowledgeable, attentive and compassionate. I will never take my animals anywhere else. - Krista Green Gann McEachern

Compassionate group of people taking care of our furry family members. - Heather Lowenstein Underwood